Totem Led for your Company

The Totem LED displays are excellent for outdoor communication. Useful in all cases in which there is the need to communicate to customers the features of products or services and you want to propose or encourage the purchase. With its minimalist design the Totem LED Display is an ideal product for any architectural environment as well as being a cost effective sales tool or visual presentation. It can be placed rapidly in roads, urban areas, squares, sidewalks, etc. It allows you to view pictures and video in all formats, with this product you can make unique and strong visual impact every commercial. This product can also be used at trade shows and events, furnishes spaces communicating effectively, enhances the corporate brand and services.

Make innovative advertising is easy, thanks to Totem LED display; by placing it in a few different locations, you can create a NETWORK advertising huge visual impact and high economic performance, able to satisfy the most demanding customers. An outer coating Waterproof and Rugged (IP65) both front and rear allows its use in all weather conditions. Forced ventilation protects the internal parts from high ambient temperatures. The front part in shatterproof glass makes it robust and immune to vandalism and break-in attempts.

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