Technical Assistance

Evotech Italia performs technical assistance on LED screens, Asian and not


Often it happens to customers to buy screens from people who to make a business sell anything, and unfortunately many customers fall in the temptation of low prices and promises of high quality products (almost never true), very often these “savings” mean poor or no post-sale assistance, or lack of technical preparation to be able to follow the product over time. This is an unwary purchase from the customer who is abandoned to the first problem by the seller unprejudiced, and is the only one to have the damage.

We do scheduled maintenance, assistance and repair on site, throughout Italy.

Evotech and its team of Italian technical with decades of experience, is able to meet these needs, even if the purchase has not been made with us.

Our electronic laboratory is at complete disposal, and equipped to solve any problem that your LED screen can have.

This service has been conceived to give the customer a full service that can satisfy his needs, and make it immediately autonomous in the use of his screen.

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