Shop Solution



The world of communication is always in continuous and rapid evolution. The public’s attention is continuously captured by increasingly engaging and interactive visual stimuli.

Evotech has developed a wide range of LED products, designed specifically for small and large commercial activities.

Thanks to the incredible variety of configurations, these products can be adapted to any type of surface, the displays of the Shop Solution line, are able to attract and convey the attention of the public to products, promotions and services offered by the various activities.

High-brightness LED technology, which is growing faster in this period, is able to guarantee excellent visibility results even in full daylight with frontal sun.

The Evotech displays are suitable for watching videos, direct, commercials and everything that the events or events require, are able to attract a wide audience with great scenic effect.

The simplicity of use and programming of the products of the Shop Solution line, allows to create in a simple and fast way dynamic visual messages of great impact and effectiveness, able to involve the customer also in interactive information and purchase guide experiences.

“The Evotech display is the best solution to transform the typical static advertising into DYNAMIC and allows you to make real gains and successes.”