Led Crosses



The Evotech is able to design your custom video banners.

Crosses for Pharmacies

Evotech presents its range of high-performance LED crosses made in Italy design. The Evotech LED crosses are easy to install and easy to use thanks to the software provided you can quickly change the graphics and data displayed. The low weight allows to reduce installation costs quickly and easily. The slim profile and harmonious shape make this product innovative and appealing. The simple and intuitive software allows the use of even the less experienced. The graphic effects are specially designed to attract the customer’s attention.

The Evotech led crosses also make it possible to have a sliding text, a clock and a thermometer available in a single product. The sophisticated design Made in Italy ultra thin gives this product a refined shape, and you can also customize the color of the structure. This product distinguishes itself from normal and obsolete crosses, for ease of maintenance (if necessary), because the LED cards are independent and resined individually, so no longer need to dismantle the entire cross to send it into service, no longer need highly skilled personnel, the replacement of components is simple and fast, without complicated wiring, power cables , flat cable for signals, etc., easily run by unskilled personnel..

This involves very low service costs, and therefore more profits.