Pharma Solution



Pharmacies today offer more and more differentiated services, medicines almost take second place compared to the variety of proposals offered especially by private Pharmacies.

Analysis, nutritional advice, dermocosmetics, veterinary medicine, health care, homeopathy, phytotherapy and childhood, are just some of the services integrated by Pharmacies.

Thus was born the need to inform and communicate to the public, in an increasingly effective and engaging way, of all the services and products offered.

The Pharma Solution line developed by Evotech has been specifically designed to offer the possibility of communicating (even creatively) messages, images and information.

The Evotech LED video signs are able to transform the static advertising of the sales point into Dynamic and Multimedia Advertising, with a sure increase in visibility and sales.

High-brightness LED technology, which is growing faster in this period, is able to guarantee excellent visibility results even in full daylight with frontal sun.

The Evotech displays are suitable for watching videos, commercials and are able to activate a wide audience with great scenic effect

Thanks to the incredible variety of configurations, these products can be adapted to any type of surface, the displays of the Pharma Solution line, are able to attract and convey the attention of passers-by on products, promotions and services offered within Pharmacies.

The touch screen displays able to provide information and interactive experiences, the Totems and the classic LED Crosses, complete the wide range of solutions, also customizable, made available by Evotech.

“The Evotech display is the best solution to transform the typical static advertising into DYNAMIC and allows you to make real gains and successes.”