Fixed LED Screens



The LED screens are promotional tools of great visual impact ideal for mass communication, in places with high turnout of public such as squares, streets, arenas, airports, stations, stadiums, fairs, exhibitions, etc.

With their great adaptability the screens LEDs have the most varied uses, being modular products, adapt to every installation situation and every request of the customer. They are suitable for every place, with all weather and light conditions.

The Evotech LED screen full color is an excellent tool designed to be able to communicate with the public

Using modern technology Our screen LED allows you to view images, texts, and videos stored or transmitted in real time just like on your computer monitor. Management and upgrades can also be performed remotely, via ethernet cable, WiFi, or through ADSL, allowing you to inform customers with news, weather, date/time, temperature etc.

The Evotech LED screen is the best solution to transform the typical static advertising in dynamic and allows to realize gains and concrete successes.

With high-brightness LED technology increasingly expanding, the screen guarantees excellent visibility results even in full daylight with frontal sun.

The Evotech LED screen are recommended for watching videos, direct, commercials and everything that events or events require, are suitable for large audiences with great scenic effect.

evofast-01Evo Fast

EVO FAST is a product designed specifically to be applied with simplicity in fixed installations, where it requires a considerable durability in time combined with the simplicity of installation.

evomesh-01Evo Mesh

Evo Mesh are ideal products for covering large surfaces, considerably reducing structural costs. In fact, their conformation allows to have low resistance to the thrust of the wind.

evothunder-01Evo Thunder

Evo Thunder is a product designed specifically for the realization of video facade, the weight and simplicity of assembly make it perfect for all cases where you want to cover large surfaces.