Led Mega Screen

The LED Mega Screen Evotech, full color, is an excellent tool designed to communicate with the public and citizenship. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the large screen allows you to view IMAGES, TEXT, VIDEO, and stored or transmitted in real time just like on the monitor of your computer. The management and updates can also be performed remotely via Ethernet cable, wifi, or through ADSL, allowing you to inform customers with news, weather, date/time, temperature etc.
The large screen Evotech is the best solution to transform the typical static advertising in DYNAMIC and allows to realize gains and concrete achievements. Thanks to the always greater in LED technology with high brightness, expansion in this period, is able to guarantee excellent results visibility even in daylight with front sun. The giant screens Evotech are suitable for watching video, direct, commercials and all that the demonstrations or events require, are able to activate a wider audience with great scenic effect.

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