About Us



Publidisplay Group is the result of the merger between Publidisplay sl based in Spain and Evotech, Italian firm dedicated to the lighting design and technical development based in Italy, thus combining experience and innovation with a single aim, to offer all our customers integrated solutions technology.

Publidisplay group works closely with some of the most important Asian producers with the aim of ensuring a high standard of quality, both with constant technical innovations in electronic design, mechanical and software designed in our laboratory MADE IN ITALY.

PUBLIDISPLAY Group, an asset has two offices one in Spain called PUBLIDISPLAY sl and one in Italy called EVOTECH

PUBLIDISPLAY Group is a collaboration of highly qualified and competent in the field of LED technology, can boast decades of experience worldwide in the field of LED screens and lighting systems..

More than one supplier, PUBLIDISPLAY Group is the ideal partner to offer innovative solutions tailored service ensuring customer satisfaction turnkey, from design to the rental / sales, through the phase of technical assistance PUBLIDISPLAY Aftermarket Group can meet any market, thanks to decades of experience of its technical department, Electronic and Mechanical MADE IN ITALY.

Excellent quality standards, high level of know-how, sophisticated design: these are the characteristics of products made in PUBLIDISPLAY Group which, thanks to constant research and the use of advanced materials, ensure durability and strength over time even under extreme conditions.

PUBLIDISPLAY Group is distinguished from a simple dealer, to being able to carry out projects to customer specifications, boasting its own internal study of electronic design, mechanical engineering and automation.